United Nations Educational Pilgrimage for Youth

Excelsior Lodge No.1

United Nations Pilgrimage for Youth


The Independent Order of Odd Fellows (IOOF) sponsors an annual United Nations Educational Pilgrimage for Youth (UNP).  The program brings high school students from around the world together to learn about the United Nations.  At the same time, the program exposes these students to our Nation’s history through visits to historical sites in the northeast.  Excelsior Lodge No.1 participates in this program by selecting and sponsoring one high school student delegate each year.  The selected delegate attends the pilgrimage the following summer with all expenses paid by the Excelsior Lodge and the UNP.

Only high school juniors related to an Excelsior Lodge member in good standing, are eligible to apply. The Excelsior Lodge Selection Committee accepts applications between September 1st and December 21st for the following summer’s pilgrimage.  Applications must be submitted through the sponsoring Excelsior Lodge member and delivered to the Selection Committee no later than December 21st each year. The annual selection takes place in early January. Delegate applications are on the UNP Website: http://unpilgrimage.org/UNP_JurisdictionalInfo/UNP_JurisdictionalInfo.html

The Lodge normally sponsors a tour leader to accompany the delegate to and from Philadelphia, PA, where the pilgrimage begins and ends.  Once a leader is selected by the lodge, usually early in the year of the pilgrimage, the tour is leader submits an application to the UNP.  The form can also be found at the unpilgrimage.org web site.

Additional information can be found at http://unpilgrimage.org

See last year’s delegate’s report here: kylee-jervis-unp-report

See last year’s leader report here: unp-rpt-8-2-2016-to-lodge

If you need assistance or have questions regarding the Scholarship Grant, please email the Lodge UNP committee at unp@ioofhawaii.org.