Odd Fellowship began in the Hawaiian islands on December 10, 1846. The first Odd Fellows’ Lodge outside the Continental United States.

Excelsior Lodge #1, I.O.O.F, is a fraternal organization, operating under a lodge system (IRS Code 501(c)8), and exists to provide for the benefit of its members. Our community service and charity activities are another “benefit” provided for our members to enjoy fellowship while actively doing events together. Our community service and charity activities are goal congruent with being a “benefit” to our members.

Excelsior Lodge #1, I.O.O.F. meetings are held the first and third Tuesdays of every month at the Lodge Hall.

Excelsior Lodge #1 Elect Officers for 2013 Term


Front Row L to R: Allen Perkins, Left Supporter of the Vice Grand; Curtis Lau, Vice Grand; Gilbert Shimatsu, Warden; Lloyd Nakao, Noble Grand; Judi Van Gieson, Secretary; Frieda Menezes, Chaplain; Cynthia Low, Treasurer; Joanne Tanimoto, Financial Secretary.
Back Row: Nathan Ramos, Right Scene Supporter; Charles Van Gieson, Right Supporter of the Noble Grand; Robert Kawai, Conductor; Francis Robinson, Left Supporter of the Noble Grand; Melody Ball, Left Scene Supporter; Carter Crowell, Outside Guardian; Robert Yee, Inside Guardian.
Missing from photo: Pat Uza, Left Supporter of the Vice


Excelsior Lodge #1 Elect Officers for 2012 Term


Excelsior Lodge #1 Elect Officers for 2011 Term

Excelsior Lodge #1 – 1st Row: Hamilton Go Paul, Right Scene Support; Paul Tanimoto, Left Scene Support. 2nd Row: Judith Van Gieson PNG, Secretary; Cynthia Low, Treasurer; Joanne Tanimoto, Financial Secretary. 3rd Ros; Stanford Shiroma PG, Vice Grand Left Support; Robert Yee, Inside Guardian; Steven Tseu, Vice Grand; John Scheleski, Noble Grand; Charles Van Gieson PG, Noble Grand Right Support; Gilbert Shimatsu, Chaplain; Curtis Lau, Warden. 4th Row: Lloyd Nakao, Conductor; Ronald Mizuno PG, Noble Grand Left Support.


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