Excelsior Lodge # 1 2018 Officers
Left to Right: Secretary: Rod Schultz, PG, Chaplain: Freidalane Menezes,
Left Supporter of the Vice Grand: Nathan Ramos, PG, Treasurer: Cynthia Low, PNG,
Noble Grand: Robert Yee, Right Supporter of the Noble: Grand Steven Tseu, PG,
Vice Grand: Jon Yoshinaga, Right Supporter of the Vice Grand: Curtis Lau, PG,
Left Scene Support: James Kahalehoe, Inside Guardian: Tedmund Cheong,
Warden: Steven Ariola, Right Scene Supporter: G. Richard Barlett


Excelsior Lodge # 1 2017 Officers
L‐R: Lambert Lui Kwan, PG‐Grand Representative, Cynthia Low‐Treasurer, Robert Yee‐Vice Grand, Norvia Shiroma‐Chaplain, Kevin Noneza‐Left Scene Supporter, George Barlett, PG‐NG Right Supporter, Jon Yoshinaga‐Warden, Randy Grant‐NG, Steven Tseu, PG‐VG Right Supporter, Nathan Ramos‐Junior PG, Galan Yamaguchi‐Right Scene Supporter, Carter Crowell‐Outside Guardian, Norbert Enos, PG‐NG Left Scene Supporter, Steven Ariola‐Conductor, Joanne Tanimoto‐Financial Secretary, Tedmund Cheong‐Inside Guardian & Betty Ann Perkins‐Secretary.



Excelsior Officers (2016)Excelsior Lodge # 1 2016 Officers
Left to Right: Steven Ariola (Right Scene Supporter), Patrick Uza (NG Left Supporter), Steven Tseu (NG Right Supporter), Gilbert Shimatsu (Past Noble Grand), George Barlett (VG Right Supporter), Naomi Kim (Secretary), Norbert Enos (VG Left Supporter), Nathan Ramos (Noble Grand), Randy Grant (Vice Grand), Freidalane Menezes (Chaplain), Robert Yee (Warden), Joanne Tanimoto (Treasurer), Jon Yoshinaga (Conductor), Jordana Ferreira (Left Scene Supporter), & Betty Ann Perkins (Assistant Secretary)


2015 Excelsior Lodge Officers

Excelsior Lodge # 1 2015 Officers
L to R: Ron Mizuno, NG Left Support, Curtis Lau, Past Grand,
Charles Van Gieson, NG Right Supporter, Cynthia Lowe, Treasurer,
Steven Tseu, VG Right Supporter, Nathan Ramos, Vice Grand, MelodyBall, Warden, Gibert Shimatsu, Noble Grand, Randy Grant, Conductor, Freidaleine Menezes, Chaplain,
Robert Yee, Inside Guardian, Elton Furutani, Right Scene Support,
Jon Yoshinaga, Left Scene Support.


Community Service

Excelsior Lodge #1, I.O.O.F, is a fraternal organization, operating under a lodge system (IRS Code 501(c)8), and exists to provide for the benefit of its members. Our community service and charity activities are another “benefit” provided for our members to enjoy fellowship while actively doing events together. Our community service and charity activities are goal congruent with being a “benefit” to our members.

YouTube video posted by Brother Louie Blake Sarmiento


The Sovereign Grand Lodge